Monday, March 21, 2011

the cool warmth la

Los Angeles
a superficial, over populated, unorganized city...
warm, sunny, dry, dessert, fire, wet, mudslide, cloudy, cold...
places to be: Hermosa Beach, Hollywood nightlife, movie lots (any of them),
traffic: a car, 
think of leaving a concert and waiting in a parking lot for two hours and welcome to my day to day.
Food:  Good = Expensive
cost of living: out fing rageous (not worth it's value)
people: What you wear, drive, own, who you know, hang with, dated = popularity 
(not everyone is like this, but most)
Distance from home = 2,323 miles, every day that passes feels like another mile.
And did I mention the fact that there could be a earthquake at any time....
Did it beat me?  No, it made me realize how amazing Michigan is...and for that I thank you.
LA, it's for some, but not for others...
I'm an other.

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