Thursday, August 26, 2010

think i need a sunrise

So I just heard the song Boston by Augustana.  He says, "Think I need a sunrise, tired of the sunsets."  The grass is always greener isn't it.  I mean I live in on of the most beautiful places in the US, yet I long for Michigan.  Snow, cold, leaves changing, wet springs, thunderstorms, humidity that makes the south seem cool.  Michigan is beautiful in its own right, but I am passing up the pleasures of SoCal.
I promised my self that I would watch the sunset at least two times in one week.  It has been 1 year since we moved into our place and, you guessed it, not once have I seen two sunsets. 
Why is it so hard for me to realize that ten years from now, wherever I am, I will look back on these times and remember how great everything was.  I am just fickle.  I really have to admit...I have met a lot of great people in the past few months, been playing golf (which is what I have wanted to do since the day I moved out here) and been a great deal more social.  So...I say for the first time that I have lived out here...I like LA.  It has been a great experience and I am not going to wish anymore of it away...I am going to enjoy these amazing sunsets...then some day I will enjoy those amazing sunrises. 

I leave with a quote...and to say...enjoy today.

I never think of the future - it comes soon enough.  ~Albert Einstein

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  1. Einstein's teachers said he was "slow." Kinda gives hope to people like you and me!!! Love you bro ~Aaron